Why Music Is Better Than Sex

Once every 60 seconds, someone around the world feels let down, sad and romantically ruined. They either couldn’t get what they wanted or when they got it, it wasn’t enough. While that’s going on, another person in the world is jamming out, smiling, high off life and inspired to take on their tomorrow. They do whatever they want, when they want, for whatever reason, because life is good and it needs to be enjoyed. What exactly are we talking about here? Music vs Sex.

Through comparison and contrast, I will demonstrate how music edges out sex when it comes to mental and emotional demand.

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Music has been pleasuring the minds and bodies of the human race since as far back as we can remember. Throughout every culture it was evident that when there was something to celebrate you had to play music. On the other hand, sex, with its pure and humble beginning, has somehow found a way over time to morph into a mood killing monster. I don’t know about you but I’d rather celebrate every day then be killed by a spirit demon.

A lot of you might be thinking, “seriously dude when it comes to sex, there’s no competition,” Why even pick a fight right? Well It needed to be addressed. This battle is real-deal and the contender shows no signs of losing. Lets examine:

First off, we compare how these two deal with trust. In the world we live in, people depend on trusting relationships to engage in sex. On the other hand, with music all you need is your favorite song, a player and some headphones. Whats not to trust? These things don’t have a emotions, or plans, or jobs, or school. They’re there for you whenever you need them. Sex, not so much.

Moving forward, music doesn’t carry any diseases. It hasn’t slept with the entire town then made its way to your doorstep dressed up in deception. Dissimilarily, sex is full of mystery. Yes, there is the mystery we all love to hate, but I’m talking about the puzzle of not knowing weather your partner it lit up with life-altering diseases.

Music isn’t going to stand you up, it’s not going to make you feel weird, it wont’t have you running to the store to get a pill the next morning, and not going to go off telling its friends about you, potentially leading to a stream of blackmail which could consequently ruin your career, future plans and enjoyable life. So far music is pros, on pros, on pros, no cons.

Sex takes time. You have to go through the entire process of talking to the person, potentially dating them, meeting parents, getting drunk, or whatever is instructed to get the ball rolling. Even when it comes down to the moment, it takes minutes for sex to stimulate. The feeling of sensation could take over an hour before it nourishes you. In contrast, with music all you need to do is plug in your headphones, press play and boom! You feel great. No talking, no taking your music out to dinner, no costs, no private dicussions. With music it’s automatic.

How could you not instantly feel good when this comes on.

Now when talking about music don’t get it twisted, we’re talking about “good music.” Your favorite songs, the good old school jams, the ever so rare good new school jams. All of the stuff that you know can get things going.

What do you know, medical research has even taken its stab at it.

It’s easy to grasp. Music is dependable. Sex is sketchy.

Sex comes with a heavy hand of worry and trouble. Sex requires another person is most likely operating on his/her own clock. On the contrary, music doesn’t require the availability of any outside person. All you need is yourself. Not to be blinded by the fact that there are ways of getting around that with sex, but a deeper connection is felt when listening to music. I assure you.

You could be anywhere, any place, at any time and still listen to music. Could you say the same for sex? .

In totality, trade in the condoms for some itunes gift cards. It will provide more. I promise. And next time you’re worried about not having a fun night with that special someone, you’re a little let down, and your heads in the dumps. Look over at your drawer, take those old notebooks off that little box with the tape on it that says “Old Stuff,” and whip out that 2004 Ipod Classic with the middle school jams. I guarantee you’re going to have the time of your life. Don’t let your sensation be controlled by somebody else.