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,just listen to this!!! Here you are our new fuckin' great contest!

We're looking for the best graphic designer to draw the new 2014 tour-Tshirt. The winner will be awarded a full SpellBlast discography (4 cds), the official tour T-shirt with the designer’s autograph printed on, a pick and a postcard with the Band’s autograph. In addition to this, the tour T-shirt will be also autographed by the Band and it will be printed out in a limited edition! What else???

Send us an email (contact[at] attaching your works and taking note of the following:
- the image has to be maximum 28cm x 40cm
- the background must be transparent
- the file need to be in .PSD (or compatible format),
- Image levels must be kept separated
- resolution: 300 dpi

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Oct 21st: he/she will be then contacted by us to get relevant details for the shipment of the award.
Official logo in high definition at

Come on, start working on this and show us what you can do!





Hi Metalheads!!

The journey to the Tower will pass through Europe soon...

Ready to follow our trip with the great Circle II Circle?!

Here we go!

Circle II Circle European Tour whit Spellblast





The time has come, finally Nineteen is available from our website store and

is distributed on almost every digital stores!

Let's the journey begin!


Thank You






New website coming soon...







Il cammino verso il medio mondo è iniziato, quattro pistoleri alla volta della Torre....unisciti a noi!

The journey towards the Mid-World has started, four gunslinger going to the Tower....join us!


Locandina Colony











First step on the way to the Tower:

Eyes In The Void's music video!












Hail metalheads!

We need your help for the final step!


Check out the amazing rewards that you can have by helping us:

If you're into our music, support us, spread the word and share this

among your friends!


The Dark Tower is so close...





Hi Mid-world's metalheads, we've some really good news for you all..

I don't wanna tease you anymore!

Here the tracklist of "NINETEEN" and the main artwork.


Enjoy and be ready, "the march of time it has begun" [cit.]



Eyes in the void

Highway to Lud

A world that has moved on

The reaping

Into demon’s nest

Blind rage

Shattered mind

Until the end

We ride

Programmed to serve

Endless Journey

The calling