Goblins' Song
(in the saloon)

It's been a long time since 2006, when HORNS OF SILENCE was released and we did not feel like abandoning Them to themselves.
So we took Them with us on our journey into the old far west!

The Band

SpellBlast was born in 1999 and released four full-lenght albums:
– Horns of Silence (2006), pure power metal sound, slightly pervaded with folk influences; lyrics draw ispiration from Tolkien/ Fantasy themes.
Special guest: Damnagoras, Elvenking’s singer;
– Battlecry (2010), its twelve songs are indeed more folk-power oriented, while lyrics are based on ancient Norse mythology and divinities.
Special guest: Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine Angra);
– Nineteen (2014), a concept album based on Stephen King’s masterpiece “The Dark Tower”. Thirteen tracks where the folk sound of the band evolves into a kind of western direction;
– Of Gold and Guns (2018), a concept album about the old far-west and its legends. Nine tracks of heavy metal with western influence shot straight to your head. Enjoy the ride!

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